CaligraphyA dress I made with some fabric I didn't have enough to do anything with. Not something I could see myself wearing...but neat in the sense that it can be configured.

                                                  Halter Top                                                      Strapless

                                                                                One shoulder


  1. 1
    Measure a rectangle.
    Width = between bust and waist measurement (Ex. Bust=35, waist=28, x=32/2=16)
    I recommend for people with larger butts or hips, like me, to make the width between the hip and breast measurement and adjust the top in later steps (this part is noted).
    Length = from shoulder to desired length.
    Make sure to add at least 1 inch for seams.
    Cut ***ON FOLD***
    cut one of fabric and one of lining
  2. Step 22
    Keep material folded, and measure about 9 inches from top on unfolded side down the unfolded side. Mark. Measure 5" from folded side across toward unfolded side. Mark. Cut from mark to mark.
    Repeat with lining.
  3. Step 33
    Measure 9" from top of folded side down folded side and mark. Cut from top folded side to mark on folded side. This makes the Tie for the shoulder.
  4. Step 44
    Take Left over triangle pieces and cut excess off.
    PERSONALIZE: You can add even more if you would like.
    Repeat for lining.
  5. Step 55
    Match up the 5" sides right sides together and sew. This is adding length to ties.
    Repeat for Lining
  6. Step 66
    PERSONALIZE: You can add length last minute if you want here.
    PERSONALIZE: If you would like slits, make sure you cut them in now.
    Make sure to repeat with lining.
  7. Step 77
    Unfold, put right sides of fabric and lining together. Sew all the way around, but leaving a small hole about 1"-1/2" wide. Re-enforce areas of pivot points.
  8. 8
    Pull Fabric through hole. Carefully close hole and sew.
  9. Step 99
    Refold in half, right sides together. sew sides. Adjust in areas if needed. Leave a slit if desired.