Before I begin!

This will be my 3rd pattern, hopefully my second successful one. To catch you up, here are some tips I've already learned!

Tip 1: When picking out a pattern to use, look at the sizes, LOOK AT THE SIZES! They are not only tricky, but double tricky! (I unfortunately found this out AFTER spending lots of money and time on a corset). DETAILS! On the flap, there is a size chart. Trick 1: DO NOT go by your normal sizes. Take measurements and keep them handy. Trick 2: Do not use the measurement guide on the flap. Yeah, go figure. Go by the FINISHED measurements on the packet. Simplicity has them listed in the bottom left corner under the fabric needs. Butterick is kind of harder. The finished sizes are on the instructions inside. My suggestion is go 2 sizes smaller. Its worked out pretty satisfactory for me so far.

More tips to come as this first project commences.

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