"Intrinzic" Design

This is my first custom creation. I made this from a combination of Mccalls 4107 corset A (With some modifications) and a simple gathered skirt. I used Brocade for the corset and crepe back silk for the skirt. On the corset I sewed all the pieces (except the back center) together, instead of having the side cording. I didn't use the extensions from the pattern, instead I added an extra piece for each side on the back which connect the zipper. They are about 1" extensions to make up for the missing cord sections. Instead of having cord on the back, I used a zipper. I used a 12", but if made again, 14" would have been a far better choice. The skirt was a rectangular piece that was desired length plus 1" for seem/hem, and my waist size plus half. I used gathering stitches to bring the measurement in to mine. 

Mccalls 4107