Death Tones Dress


  1. Step 1 I used string to outline how I wanted the dress top to look, and map out seams.
  2. Step 22
    Measured the lines for final fit. I added room for seams.
  3. Step 33
    I translated the pieces and the measurements on to paper. I had 3 pieces: back, front and belt.
  4. Step 44
    Since I didn't have big enough paper to make the pieces, I taped together printer paper.
  5. Step 55
    I used a simplicity pattern to help form the shape I wanted. I used a permanent marker to bleed through the tissue paper of the pattern on to the printer paper. I used the top front and top back only.
  6. Step 66
    I made the adjustments to the pattern using the measurements from the paper.
  7. Step 77
    Document measurements on pieces and cut out.
  8. Step 88
    Measure the desired length of the skirt from the bottom of the bodice.
  9. Step 99
    Layout fabric. Fold into quarters. (AKA fold in half, then fold in half the other way.)
  10. Step 1010
    Ok, heres the weird part.
    Take your waist measurement. This will be referred to as "W"
    1. W/3.14=X
    2. X/2=Z
    Z is you're radius, which is used to make the skirt.
    Using the corner with no raw ends, where both fold apex, measure out Z from each corner down both sides. Make a quarter circle from each side, connecting them like show to the left.
  11. Step 1111
  12. Step 1212
    Using your "desired length of skirt from waist" measurement, measure from the cut you just made, down each side and mark. Connect these dots using the same quarter circle principal as step 10. Cut. if you open this, it should lay flat as a circle with a circle in the middle.
  13. Step 1313
    Lay out the top back and top front bodice pattern piece and cut 2 from fabric and 2 from lining.
  14. Step 1414
    Make 4 belt pieces. Each being as wide as wide as you want, plus seam allowance. Use half of your waist measurement for the length of each piece, plus of course seams.
  15. Step 1515
    After all the cutting out, I pinned them to my form to get an idea where the gathers and seams would go.
  16. Step 1616
    Make sure to stitch around the raw edge of the skirt to prevent stretching. If you use a stretchy fabric, make sure to use stitches for stretch material or else this could make the dress less flexible.
  17. Step 1717
    With right sides together, sew front pieces together at center. Repeat with back pieces and lining pieces. Then with right sides together, sew belt along the bottom.
  18. Step 1818
    You should have 1 back piece of fabric, one of lining, and 1 front piece of fabric and one of lining with belts.
  19. 19
    I forgot to take pictures after that. Got too wrapped up in it. So if you want to continue, read carefully.
    I sewed the linings together at the sides with right sides together. So Back lining to front lining at sides. I repeated with the fabric pieces.
    Then I put the lining inside of the fabric with the right sides facing together and sewed the raw edges, except for the belt bottom edge. I then turned them right side out (or fabric side out).
    Then I put the skirt inside the bodice with the bottom of the belt lined up with the top edge of the skirt, and the fabric side of the bodice facing the right side of the skirt. I sewed all the way around the edge using the stretch stitch.
    Connect the shoulders. you can do that as you wish. I used black covers around them so that the seam couldn't be seen.
  20. Step 2020