Decor Pillows

This is my how-to on making this Decor Pillow. They are a great addition to any bedroom, and they're cheap! This will cover both pillow covers and stuffed pillows.

What you'll need: 
These materials will make 2 pillows

-3 Fat quilters quarters (1 of each color you want)
-2/3 yd of fabric of choice for backing
-20oz. stuffing (if making pillows)
-2 7" zippers (if making covers)

  1. 1

    Out of the 3 different color "Quarter Fabrics" I cut 6 7"x7" squares from each. Pictured, I only have 1 pillows worth.
  2. Step 22
    Lay them out in the pattern you deem as the best. The more the colors, the more options you have.
  3. Step 33
    Starting at one of the columns, sew your pieces together putting rights sides together. Obviously, you should have 3 separate strips that when laid out still have the pattern you want.
    TIPS: Pin on and sew one square at a time. Double check before sewing.
  4. Step 44
    Like this.
  5. Step 55
    Iron all of the seams flat open
  6. Step 66
    Paying VERY close attention to the pattern, Place 2 of the adjoining strips right sides together, pin and sew the full length of the side that they should meet according to desired pattern.
  7. Step 77
    Take last loose piece and sew it the same way to the other side of the middle strip.
  8. Step 88
    It should now look like this. Press the 2 new seams open flat.
  9. 9
    Cut a 19"x19" piece of fabric for the back.
  10. 10
    If you are making a pillow cover, and would like a zipper, continue to step 11. If you are stuffing this pillow and do not wish to have a zipper, continue to step 15.
  11. Step 1111
    Center zipper at the edge of the back piece. Mark with chalk or marker, the metal stoppers at both ends.
  12. Step 1212
    Pin and sew JUST that side to one side of the front (right sides together) in the following order.
    So, if that is confusing. There should be basting BETWEEN the 2 stoppers, and stitching between the corners and closest marking only.
  13. Step 1313
    Iron the whole seam open
  14. Step 1414
    Lay Zipper face down over seam (wrong side of fabric), matching the markings for the stoppers. Baste down the MIDDLE of the zipper tape to the stoppers on both sides. Carefully, using a zipper foot, stitch in place. Remove all basting, and open the zipper.
  15. Step 1515
    Fold back so that right sides are together again, Matching corners. Pin and sew all the way around remaining areas. (if you did not have a zipper, leave an opening big enough for your hand to fit in on one of the sides. if you did have the zipper, make sure all of the other 3 sides are closed. The zipper will allow for filling.)
    Turn right side out. Put in pillow, or fill with fluff. Either slip stitch, hand stitch or machine edge stitch the opening for filling closed.
  16. Step 16