Lush Purse

I found a pattern idea for a purse online last week and thought it was quite stellar. Upon finishing a funky polka dot dress at the beginning of the weekend, I decided to take on the purse, and make it match! I used pattern idea measurements for the body, but thats about the only thing I used from it. My brain just kind of took control, and improvised just about everything else. ORIGINAL IDEA

The Funky Polka-dot Purse.

What I used for this project:

1. Black Non-pill fleece (at most a 1/2 yd.)
2. Calico print polka dots (at most 1/2 yd.)
3. Solid Black calico (Used for the inside pocket, can be substituted with either of the above said. Need about 12.5 in. by 13in.-ish)
4. 3 different colors of calico solid (for the front pockets, again, can be substituted. I just bought the quarters for quilting)

1. 3 fun colored odd buttons. on the bigger side.
2. 4 inches of Velcro

1. To begin, I used 3 sheets of notebook paper, taped the together, overlapping margins and taping both sides
2. Measure 18" across the bottom and top, 10" on the side. CUT Paper to those measurements.  I know this sounds like a huge purse, but the way the sides and bottom square out, it makes for about a 12.5" by 7" purse.
3. Add a 3" by 3" square to the top center. Like so.

4. Pin to main Fabric and cut. Repeat with lining. I don't suggest putting these on a fold. With Seams, it would throw off the center.

4.5. Sew Main fabric together. at front and back. and press. Repeat for Lining.

5. Cut Pockets.
 For the yellow and red., I cut 5"x5" so it will end up a 4"x4" pocket.  I cut 2 so that it will be 2 pockets in 1. (and when empty, you could see the polka dot print, looked funny.

For the purple, I cut a long peice to fold in half. it was about 9"x4" which ends up about 4"x3".
6. Fold in all 4 sides about 1/4" and press.

7. Yellow/red-Sew top of pocket only.
    Purple-Sew gaps. These are pen/pencil slots, design them to your needs. I used 3cm.
8. Sew Soft side of 1"x1" Velcro to lower center of pocket on yellow and Red pockets. Repeat for 2" velcro just about purple pocket.
8. Sew yellow to front of purse pretty close to center and off to the right.
9. Sew purple in the same way, matching purple right and yellow left edges and lining up the bottom. (Sorry, forgot this picture. Scroll down to see finished pocket to get idea)
10. Sew Red in same way

11. Cut 2 7" by 3" pieces of main fabric and 2 lining.

12. Sew on rough half of velcro square to lining wrong sides. 

13. Round ends of both main and lining fabric

 14. Sew button on each of the right sides of the main fabric at about where the back of the velcro will line up.
15. Sew Lining and main fabric right sides together.
16. Turn right side out.
17. Press

18. Fold raw end in.

19. Finished product.

20. Pin square folded end right sides together, 1"ish about pockets. Sew a rectangle around the pin. Repeat for both red and yellow pockets. 

 21. Cut a 12"x 13" Square of material (I used black calico) and fold in half to make 12" x 6 1/2" meeting all raw edges. 
22. Sew Sides closed (Leave top open.) to make a pocket
23. Place pocket in center of the lining material, with the open top of the pocket towards the top of the purse.

24. Chalk straight line on lining along top of pocket between seams. Cut this line.

25.Turn seams inside pocket. 
26. With right sides together, line up top edge of pocket with cut in the lining. Pin, and Sew. 

27. Make Main Flap by following steps 12 and 14-18, except changing measurements to 7" by 5". Do not round, and sew on 2" of rough side of velcro.

28. Sew Bottom edge of main and lining fabric.
29. Sew Across bottom Corners on both lining and main fabric. Should be a 3" straight stitch. Cut off Excess corner

 30.  Place Lining inside Main fabric right sides together.
31. Between Fabrics on back side of purse, pin flap with main on main, lining against lining. 
32. Sew along top, squaring corners of 1 strap nub. DO NOT sew other nub. 
33. Turn purse right side out through unsewn nub, putting lining inside of purse, and pushing inside pocket between the fabrics. 

34. Turn in side seams of nub, and sew. 

35. Turn in top seam, fold nub down and sew.

 36. Make a strap, find something to use for a clip (I used office supply rings) and TADA!

Matching Dress made from Butterick Pattern B5351 

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